Project Management Tools and Templates

When using any of these templates, please make a copy before making any changes.



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7-Step Project Template

7-Step Project Template is a project management methodology that has 7 distinct phases to follow on improvement and deployment projects.

Business Process Framework Template

Business Process Framework Template is a tool to lay out the business process from the top level to transactional level.

Capacity Plan Template

A Capacity Plan Template details how to determine necessary people related resources.

Communication and Notification Template

A Communication and Notification Template is a tool to plan for providing required information to the stakeholder and team members.

Fit Gap Analysis Template

Fit-gap analysis method is used to analyze the range of processes, and systems of a business to compare its current state against an ideal or preferred state.

Business Requirement Template

A business requirements template details the business solution for a project including the documentation of customer needs and expectations.

Pilot Plan Template

Pilot Plan is an experimental or preliminary trial or test of your solution on a limited scale.

PMBOK Project Template

The Project Management Body of Knowledge is a set of standard terminology and guidelines (a body of knowledge) for project management. PMBOK standards can be custom tailored to best fit the specific project needs.

Post Project Closure Plan Template

Project Closure template is utilized to formally close a project and authorize the handoff from project to operations.

Process Transition Project Plan Template

A Process Transition plan is simply a project management methodology that outlines the phases and tasks to be followed during the process changes. Methodology includes: Solution Identification, Migration Planning, Knowledge Transfer, and Go-Live phases.

Project Charter Template

A Project Charter is a formal document that authorizes the start of a project. It names and appoints a project manager, assigns a summary budget, establishes a project timeline, and documents key assumptions and constraints. The project boundary, its key deliverables- the mission of the project are documented as much as possible.

Project Playbook Deck PMO

The Project Playbook Deck is a series of Google slides that PMO Project Managers can use for their tollgates.

Project Risk Assessment

The Project Risk Assessment template is to assess the project's potential risks on a project and evaluating the likelihood that those events might happen on the project.

Project Status Update Template

Project Status Update is a regular, formalized report on project progress against the project plan. It is an effective way of communicating the progress with the project members and across the stakeholders.

Project Tollgate Method

Tollgate method breaks complex projects into small, manageable checkpoints so that team members and stakeholders understand the goals of the project

RACI Matrix

A RACI Matrix is a simple chart used to assign roles and responsibilities for each task, milestone, or decision on a project. RACI stands for Responsibile, Accountable, Consulted, Informed.

RAIDD Template

RAIDD is an acronym, which unfolds into Risks, Actions, Issues, Decisions, and Dependencies. RAIDD log is a single tool which helps a project or program manager to track the different activities and requirements on the project.

  • Risk: Calling out a project risk
  • Action: Something specific needs to be done to resolve the item
  • Issue: Clearly defined issue to be addressed by the project team
  • Decision: A decision to be made in order to perform the project activities
  • Dependency: Similar to decision, there is a dependency in order to perform the project activities

SIPOC Template

A SIPOC diagram represents a high-level view of a process. It shows the Suppliers, Inputs, Process, Outputs, and Customers and plays an important role in process definition/improvement and should ideally be done first before beginning the detailed process mapping. It may be used to define the scope of the project, and identify the stakeholders of the process.  

Process Overview and SOP Template

This Process Overview and SOP template contains all the necessary elements when creating Standard Operating Procedures.

Swimlane Process Mapping

A swimlane diagram (also sometimes called a cross-functional diagram) documents the steps or activities of a process flow or workflow. A swimlane diagram groups these activities into swimlanes which are horizontal columns that contain all the activities which fit into the category represented by that swimlane. Swimlanes can represent many categories of information which perform the activities (i.e., role or department), and the stage of the process in which the activity takes place.

Vendor Scorecard Template

A vendor scorecard lists criteria for measuring performance and uses a weighted scoring system to evaluate the results.  This scorecard is designed to function as a vendor selection template.  Once you’ve gathered your data and compiled it into the spreadsheet, you can use the scoring system to compare vendor performance and select vendors accordingly. You can also use this scorecard template to compare current vendors or to evaluate a single supplier.