University Services Spot Awards

The Spot Awards is a year-round University Services recognition program that provides timely, positive reinforcement and recognition to University Services team members who contribute significant value to the University by exemplifying University Services’ values through some task, project or action.
Nominations may be submitted by University employees and community members. Anyone can nominate a U Services employee “on the spot” for a Spot Award at any time. Watch the video for instructions.

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The Spot Award should recognize significant value an employee has provided to the University through some task, project or other action where they demonstrated one or more of University Services’ three values:

  • Stewardship – Managing people, processes and/or resources wisely
  • Integrity – Keeping one’s word, honoring commitments, taking responsibility
  • Respect – Treating others as one would like to be treated, displaying good manners, doing the right thing in a reliable way, being considerate of others’ opinions, cultures and beliefs


  • Nominations may be submitted online throughout the year by managers, colleagues and University community members and awards will be presented to recipients throughout the year in a timely manner following submission of nominations.
  • Nominations should include a description of who, what, when, where, and why the nominee is being nominated for a Spot Award
  • A nomination does not guarantee receipt of an award. Nominations are reviewed by U Services HR and the nominees’ supervisor prior to being selected for an award
  • University Services departments are allocated a specific number of Spot Awards per year based on number of employees in their department