About University Services Human Resources

Services We Provide

Change Management

  • Assistance with planning and implementing change initiatives.
  • Consulting on managing in a "change" environment.

Employee Information

  • Confidential source of information for individual employees and applicants on employee programs, rights and responsibilities.
  • Referral source to University resources on employee assistance, workers compensation, diability programs, professional development and compensation information.

Employee/Labor Relations

  • Source for information and advice on interpretation and application of policies, rules, regulations, labor agreements, laws, guidelines and procedures that govern and guide each employee group.

Organizational Development

  • Consulting on issues that impact the work environment.
  • Business process improvement assistance.
  • Conflict resolution.
  • Performance management.
  • Compensation and recognition program consultation.

Recruitment and Staffing

  • Provide services in the area of developing and implementing recruitment strategies, staffing positions, local and national searches and interviewing.
  • Source of assistance on job postings, compensation questions and position classification/reclassification.

Training and Development

  • Provide training assessment and delivery of selective/customized training programs.
  • Provide internal training and facilitation services on various topics.
  • Team building.